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Functional Imagery Practitioner and Passionate Life Coaching Professional

After many years in teaching and running small businesses (as well as mother of two now young adults), I finally came round to the realisation that my strengths lie in working to make a real difference to people and that I could achieve that through coaching. A graduate from The Coaching Academy (member of the ICF), I love to help clients increase their self- awareness and understand what motivates them and to harness that to make better life choices.

By chance, I heard an interview with Professor Jackie Andrade, Professor of Psychology at the University of  Plymouth, on BBC Radio 4’s World at 1 following publication of the study into FIT for weight loss and for me it was a ‘light bulb’ moment.

FIT is a radical approach to help people with weight issues and fitness goals in a sustainable and empowering way! I was fortunate enough to be among the first ever group training to be FIT practitioners and the first person certified to practise FIT.

This is what one of my clients has written about FIT and working with me:

"I worked with Helen over the course of a couple of months with 2 ‘in person’ sessions supported by a number of phone calls to follow up on and ‘tweak’ my approach to visualisation as a form of supporting my fitness plan.

Helen was able to teach me visualisation techniques and strategies which I have used to imagine the ‘future me’. Although at first I wasn’t able to master the imaging we altered the approach and I was able to stick with a new routine which supported my plan.


The process also helped me understand why I wanted to lose weight and become fitter. This has proved vital, as for each person the ‘why’ will be different and it needs to be strong enough to make real changes. Helen helped me focus on the real why which has helped me greatly. 

I would recommend Helen and Visualisation to anyone who wants to make some permanent changes to their health and fitness."

Paul M

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