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Co Pioneer of FIT in session with The Real Meal Revolution!

Dr. Linda Solbrig, co founder and pioneer of Functional Imagery Training talks to Jonno Proudfoot of The Real Meal Revolution, all about FIT, what it is, how it works, and gives a real life demonstation with Jonno, showing how powerful imagery is alongside motivational interviewing. A fascinating look at what we can do as FIT practitioners to help people to be motivated, to want to change and to sustain that change, using this simple, effective technique!!

Copy and paste the link to watch the video.[0]=AT1YFChRmDvoK6E4ksemM7PgvdgEwnhn8BLIl20wwKeNYQVKlnPcfBuz8aUr8NVDLsoyW0n9R11umrhYbv8ZO0Gpu2X7cRKIRk6CRiZZfWLsQtREAeEJpVsXbxcEPM8a-P6Hi1z4wf9a994jD5qRTOfFjWFxmlhJQS7MQ3pFopQr4WMn0D_DOC979g


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