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The proof of the pudding!

I recognise when a client has 'got' FIT. I can hear it in their voice when we come together to talk about their week, to celebrate their progress and successes, to tweak their imagery and amend their plan for the coming week. I can hear the excitement in their voices, the claims of, "I've got it! I am seeing life through different eyes. I'm excited about the changes I'm making and learning things about myself. I feel stronger, more in control. My mindset has changed and these are forever changes."

Music to my ears! My job is to facilitate, to support, to encourage and to give clients the tools they can take away and use for life. Multi sensory imagery becomes a daily habit that keeps us on track and connected to the 'WHY' we have embarked on behaviour changes. Multi sensory imagery can be used to support and strengthen any changes you need or want to make: weight loss, fitness, stress reduction, positive thinking, confidence building, assertiveness, smoking and alcohol cessation. Really, any changes that you want to make to have a happier, healthier life.

A wonderful client of mine, Gem, was kind enough to chat with me recently to talk about her experience of FIT. I thought I would share it with you.

Thanks Gem!

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