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Happy Clients

Since starting my business , I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. As the first accredited FIT practitioner I have had fantastic feedback from clients who are really seeing results from our work together.

Massive! So much more than I expected. I found this far more useful for me than CBT classes. With Helen supporting me I changed my career, which almost completely resolved the anxiety and panic attacks I was suffering. I have begun to cycle to work and my new role is a very active one, so not only am I feeling fitter and stronger, I have also managed to lose weight, which has given me a boost in confidence and self esteem.I am in a really good place right now and am extremely happy. I want to thank you Helen for taking the time to listen to me and help me make clear decisions to improve myself. Thank you!

Mark D

Working with Helen has been so helpful to me. I initially signed up as I was feeling a little lost and struggling to focus on what I wanted in a positive way. Working with Helen allowed me to focus my views on how I could achieve what I wanted, rather than continue to fixate on what I hadn't yet achieved. 
Helen explained the process clearly and guided me to make good decisions that have enabled me to make changes and choices that have enabled me to progress my aims both personally and professionally. 
I have made progress towards my goals and found a confidence in myself to problem solve and make changes that are important to me, rather than always trying to please others.

Selina C

I worked with Helen over the course of a couple of months with 2 ‘in person’ seasons supported by a number of phone calls to follow up on and ‘tweak’ my approach to imagery as a form of supporting my fitness plan. Helen was able to teach me visualisation techniques and strategies which I have used to imagine the ‘future me’. Although at first I wasn’t able to master the imaging we altered the approach and I was able to stick with a new routine which supported my plan.The process also helped me understand why I wanted to lose weight and become fitter. This has proved vital, as for each person the ‘why’ will be different and it needs to be strong enough to make real changes. Helen helped me focus on the real why which has helped me greatly. I would recommend Helen and FIT to anyone who wants to make some permanent changes to their health and fitness.


Paul M

The sessions have opened my mind and made me aware that issues can be solved with having confidence in yourself and ultimately you do have the answers. Helen has been excellent to work with, I have enjoyed every session and taken away lots of skills. Helen was very professional and put lots of effort into each session. I am very thankful to have had Helen as my coach as she has filled me with confidence.

Molly P

During our 1-1 initial consultation I found Helen to be professional in her approach, knowledgeable about her subject and a willing, empathetic listener.

I felt at ease and validated by her presence throughout our time together.

I trusted Helen such that I discussed with her all sorts of personal information about my background, health, eating and food choices and together we arranged a plan to put behavioral techniques into practice.


I fully recommend Helen as a counsellor, guide and therapeutic mentor.

Jo B

I have been working with Helen whilst completing my diploma and also whilst setting up my new business.
Helen is very easy to talk to and very genuine. She immediately made me feel comfortable and it was easy to be open and honest during coaching sessions. She is fun to work with and made coaching sessions really enjoyable. I really looked forward to talking to her regularly. Our coaching sessions together have kept me focused on my goals and accountable for the actions that I have commited to taking. I have always felt encouraged and supported and working with Helen has meant that I have taken important actions that would otherwise have felt too daunting. I feel braver as a result of working with Helen!

Kelly Brown

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